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Denizens of Corbett: Glimpses of Wildlife at Corbett National Park

Denizens of Corbett: Glimpses of Wildlife at Corbett National Park

To expose my readers to the thriving wildlife haven of Corbett national park, I’ve chosen to showcase a series of exceptional images that offer highly secretive glimpses into the lives led by the wild denizens of Corbett, which although wondrous aren’t without their share of debilitating hazards.

Some of the images are frankly quite dispiriting, and placed for the solely to struck a raw nerve and tug at the sentience of any nature lover or for that matter anyone with a conscience, remotely concerned about the plight of wild animals in our country. Painting nothing but a rosy picture of the place would amount to dereliction. After all the photo essay’s prime purpose is to show its viewers what lies hidden from the average wildlife enthusiast’s prying gaze , without omitting a single detail, no matter how deeply unsettling it may be.

Grisly images depicting the grim realities of our jungles mustn’t be regarded as needlessly alarmist; instead they serve as necessary reminder of all the loopholes that require filling and the lack of sustained political will a majority of our conservation efforts have been laid low by. The remaining vestiges of ecological wealth are a tribute to the tireless efforts of individuals who saw little sense in plundering our environmental riches.

Despite its plethora of ills, Corbett National park continues to be a success story and it’ll require much more than a shot from a wily poacher’s gun to silence the tiger’s roar in Corbett. However, it isn’t enough for one to cross one’s fingers and hope that my words prove prophetic- the need of the hour is to imbibe the message, play a part in the cause and effect change.

It’s interesting to note that NOT A SINGLE PHOTO IN THE ESSAY HAS BEEN CLICKED BY ME. This photo-essay is an assortment of extraordinary, mind-boggling and moving moments from the magical expanse of Corbett, caught on camera by people coming from various walks of life but united in their adoration for the land of roar, trumpet and song.

Here, image quality has been afforded barely any significance; some of these images have been clicked by guides, for whom possessing a DLSR is a far-fetched dream. The merit lies in what the image has captured, and not how the well the subject was captured. Ever heard of the clichéd ‘never-know-what-to-expect-in-a-jungle’ refrain and found its gross over-usage irritating. You’ll soon know why the phrase has had such a long shelf life.

Leopardess and her Cub

In a landscape dominated by its larger cousin, the ever present threat of territorial displacement makes negotiating the daily onslaught of traffic on a national highway a survival skill as essential as hunting.

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