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As the hue and cry regarding the "shoot at sight" order for Avni, the tiger, refuses to mellow down, we bring you a short background of the issue. Avni, or T1, is a 6-year-old tigress living in Pandharkawada forest, Nagpur.

The recent extreme downpour-caused destruction in the Kodagu district of Karnataka has raised many red flags among researchers. The area is the starting point of the river Kaveri and is home to India's coffee production. A multi-country research team of

Researchers from IIT Delhi, along with their counterparts from San Jose State University, USA, have developed a new anti-venom which is being regarded as the miracle drug in the cure of snakebites. The current record of snakebite mortality is 90

A large number of elephants have fallen prey to the greed of poachers in Botswana. Elephants without Borders, while carrying out extensive surveys, found that 87 elephants have been killed by poachers for their tusks in the last few weeks,

A tiny fish belonging to the Badidae family has been discovered in a distributary stream of the Kabini river in the Western Ghats of the Indian peninsula. The fish was discovered by VK Anoop, a PhD student at the Kerala University of Fisheries and

The Nilgiri Tahr(Nilgiritragus hylocrius), an endangered ungulate endemic to the Western Ghats, is under greater risk than before due to habitat loss caused by global warming. The hoofed mammal, belonging to the wild goat family, has seen its population decreased

In a recent move by the Tamil Nadu State Wetland Authority notifying a 100 wetlands as "priority wetlands", wetland conservation has received a big boost in the state. Almost 40 percent of Indian wetlands, excluding the vast network of rivers, have

The rhino relocation efforts in Kenya took a turn for the worse when the single surviving rhino of the programme was attacked by lions in Tsavo East national park. The 11 black rhinos were moved from Nairobi and Lake Nakuru

According to a report presented by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) on the state of the world's fisheries and aquaculture, the earth may not be approaching "peak fish" state in the near future, although it advocates strengthening of fisheries

The latest report by researchers assessing the physiological stress response of wild Asiatic elephants in the Western Ghats shows that elephants can adapt to human presence, but are adversely affected by aggression from the human trying to drive them away