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Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada,  along with his family, visited the  Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Centre in Mathura, Churmura in Uttar Pradesh, and interacted with its founders and staff members. The sanctuary, which rescues and provides medical care for

An app has been developed and launched to minimize roadkill of wildlife, and welcomed by conservationists. The mobile app and website, was launched by the NGO Wildlife Conservation Trust, to record the data of deaths of various small to medium

Concealed trap camera footage from West Bengal's Buxa Tiger Reserve confirms the presence of rare and previously thought to be almost extinct species of wildlife in the area. Buxa Tiger Reserve, located in Alipurduar district of Bengal, near the Indo-Bhutan

The state government and the forest officials of the state of Karnataka have upped the ante to retain its title as the premier tiger state in the nation. This comes in the wake of the All-India Tiger Estimation(2018) programme conducted

A consensus on the estimated tiger population in the state of Karnataka is being held, with the first phase of its operations completed. The All India Tiger Estimation 2018, phase 1, saw a total count of 41 tigers accounted for

An alarming trend in the trade of the tokay gecko (gekko gecko) has emerged in international illegal trade circuits, as indicated by the recent seizures made by security agency officials. The tokay gecko, an endangered species is in high demand

An annual survey of butterflies spanning 3 days in the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary attended by more than 142 lepidopterologists from across the peninsula, led to the discovery of two new species, as well as recording the presence of 178 species

The Trump administration has made a strange and mystifying decision for the Canada lynx to be removed from the federal endangered and threatened species list, as declared by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. This feline species is twice the

A camera trap footage by surveying scientists and researchers of A Rocha International in the Atewa mountain range forests of eastern Ghana led to the discovery of an almost extinct species of monkeys, the white-naped mangabeys for the first time

A new national park has been declared in the Loreto region of northern Peru, covering approximately 868,927 hectares of rainforest in the Amazon valley. This is roughly about the size of USA’s Yellowstone National Park and has been named Yaguas