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A carcass of a nilgai was discovered in the Kadarpur area of the forested hill tracts of Gurugram. Conservationists and activists have urged the Forest Department to fill up the watering holes in the dry and parched Aravalis to combat

The area surrounding Narela Airport is under high-alert after patrol officers caught sight of a leopard in the security camera. The leopard was spotted near the Kendriya Vidyalaya school near Narela Air Force station base in Delhi. The sighting was

Camera trap recordings in 4 wildlife sanctuaries in Goa have confirmed the presence of tigers in the area, which has in turn led to the proposal by the state forest department to declare a core area in each sanctuary as

The investigation of the deaths of 2 tigers and an elephant in Bandipur Tiger Reserve has taken a fresh turn with the Coimbatore lab report stating the cause of death to be due to poisoning. According to the report, the

A recent survey has revealed shocking statistics of a leopard death every week since January 1st, 2018 in Rajasthan. A major number of these deaths are due to unnatural causes. Some of the major causes of death of the spotted

A new study conducted by a renowned wildlife biologist says that the Asiatic lions are under threat from human interference in Gir. The report goes on to point out that eco-tourism in Gir Protected Area causes undue disturbance to the

The Forest Department team currently conducting a survey on the fauna present in the Krishna Wildlife Sanctuary has confirmed the presence of four kingfisher species in the wetland sanctuary. These four species are thriving in the rich wetland ecosystem, which

As reported by India Today, the Salman Khan and blackbuck poaching case has reached a new point with the B-town actor being convicted and sentenced to 5 years' imprisonment by a Jodhpur court this week. This case against the movie-star

News has emerged of a tiger from Ranthambore being relocated to Rajasthan's Mukundara Hills National Park by the state wildlife and forest department. The male tiger RT-91, commonly known as Mirza, had left Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, and was dwelling in

India's sole specialised institute on wildlife, the Wildlife Institute of India(WII) took a step closer to be regarded as an Institute of National Importance, by submitting its documents to the environment ministry. This was confirmed by Dr V B Mathur.