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The Animal Kingdom

Chasing the hyena’s laughter and litter across the Little Rann of Kutch. I planned a trip to Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat along with a couple of friends from Pune. It was hot summertime in the month of April. The

Predators- the beasts who are feared like none other. Those with one ace up their sleeves to deliver death to the unlucky. Man has long since been mesmerized by the beasts of the wild who have day in and day

Mother’s Day aka May 14th and you see all marketing gimmicks crooning about the virtues of a mother’s love – selfless, unconditional and an epitome of giving. And they make you feel incomplete if you don’t smother dear mommy with

Creepy crawlies or intelligent species, whichever way you look, the multi-legged wonders are hard-working terrestrial creatures. Centipedes and millipedes are not insects but are more closely related to lobsters, crayfish and shrimp. However, unlike their marine cousins, millipedes and centipedes are

Some insects and animals use camouflage as an effective way to protect themselves from natural enemies. Camouflage works for prey as well as predators, both sides in the battle for survival. Often we miss noticing an insect/reptile even after carefully

Mother Nature has her own ways of providing food to each species present on earth. Indranil Bannerjee shares one such unique mechanism of survival in the insect world. Eucharitid Wasps are probably the most fashionable parasitic wasp in the insect world

Surviving in the wild is a challenge all animals have to cleverly manage.   Some literally hide in plain sight, incredibly camouflaging themselves, some animals not only evade danger but may also become a danger themselves by seizing unaware prey. For the

The sweet coo-coo of the Koel reminds most of us of lazy childhood summers with songs and stories. Excerpts from mythological folklore and household lores of just how sweet the Koel is, the word “sweet” not only referring to her

A Passion for Butterflies Butterflies have always amazed me, with their fluttering whereabouts and flitting stances. Though not a photography buff, the sheer wish to observe them made me pursue the tracking and observation of more than 45 species of butterflies,

Among the great variety of collective activities performed by social insects (ants, termites and some species of bees and wasps), the ability to build homes is certainly the most spectacular. Some insects are master architects and design utility-based homes with