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The Animal Kingdom

Often ignored by wildlife photographers and enthusiasts, the Nilgiri langur(Trachypithecus johnii) and the Capped langur(Trachypithecus pileatus) are equally vibrant and dynamic as their more famous counterparts, the widely photographed Lion-tailed Macaque and Golden Langur… … a brief glimpse into their

A tale of ants and aphids… or maybe, of the free childcare services provided by ants to the blue caterpillars. Ants are important, highly effective and even specialized predators of many other insect species. But at the same time, a complex

Toadstools and gnomes can be found in quite a few fairy tales and folktales across the world. While some can be edible or have medicinal properties, most of the wild mushrooms found are harmful for human consumption if ingested… July /

Spiders are so needed, and yet so misunderstood. They have, in fact, coined a term to describe the fear of spiders! Arachnophobia! And yet, one can but marvel at the amazing shapes, geometric precision and quality of their spun webs. We

Known and named after their edible nests, certain species of Swiftlets in India and SE Asia have seen their homes being illegally harvested for centuries for commercial gain. Experts recommend that a regulated process of harvesting would serve to benefit

Keats had said, “Now a soft kiss – Aye, by that kiss, I vow endless bliss”. Lessons in courtship from nature, captured in the frame for posterity. I was on a trip to the Joypur forest (of West Bengal, India) one

Chasing the hyena’s laughter and litter across the Little Rann of Kutch. I planned a trip to Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat along with a couple of friends from Pune. It was hot summertime in the month of April. The

Predators- the beasts who are feared like none other. Those with one ace up their sleeves to deliver death to the unlucky. Man has long since been mesmerized by the beasts of the wild who have day in and day

Mother’s Day aka May 14th and you see all marketing gimmicks crooning about the virtues of a mother’s love – selfless, unconditional and an epitome of giving. And they make you feel incomplete if you don’t smother dear mommy with

Creepy crawlies or intelligent species, whichever way you look, the multi-legged wonders are hard-working terrestrial creatures. Centipedes and millipedes are not insects but are more closely related to lobsters, crayfish and shrimp. However, unlike their marine cousins, millipedes and centipedes are