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Wild Encounters

  Managing the conflict between humans and wild elephants in Assam’s tea gardens is a mammoth challenge for the estates. Saevus shares an interesting account of efforts and measures taken to safeguard the plantation and its people from herds of wild

There is an unspoken bond between a lensman and his subjects in the wildlife. Wildlife Photographer Alijah Mohammad shares his pain on the shocking death of a tigress and disappearance of her cubs. It was in late April, when Jr. Kankati,

Surviving in the wild is a challenge all animals have to cleverly manage.   Some literally hide in plain sight, incredibly camouflaging themselves, some animals not only evade danger but may also become a danger themselves by seizing unaware prey. For the

One fine September weekend, we went to Uran, Maharashtra, to shoot some common birds. The day started with lovely sightings of the Plain Prinia eating some caterpillars in the lane opposite the police station. We also saw some Black-headed Munias,