Jungle diaries
Bilaspur: A paradise for the tallest flying birds in the world - MaitreyaSukumar

I was holidaying in the U.S in the summer of 2014 when my mother received an e-mail from Wing Commander (retd) Vijay Kumar Sethi (Wingco to friends) on a new birding area where he and a few others had seen 51 Sarus Cranes...

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A Monsoon Night's Dream - Amboli - Santanu Nandy

It all started with Varad Giri posting an image of an Orinetal Dwarf Kingfisher, which apparently was trying to nest near his home in Nerur. I called up Varad and besides discussing Saevus, I asked him if I can visit his place as well as Amoboli? ...

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A Walk to remember
Text: Zaara Kidwai
Images: Zaara Kidwai and Subhadeep Bhattacharjeee

It was like any usual morning until a researcher from Wildlife Institute of India (WII) came and asked me to come with him for...
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Dudhwa National Park - A Bird's Paradise
Text and Images: Rajni Shankar

A two day workshop was conducted in Dudhwa National Park form 16-17th February 2013.

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A Tale of Wolf Rescue
Text By Vinit Arora
Image By Vinit Arora and Aaditya Parkhi

"Researching 'Lone Wolf', I was amazed at how, thoughtful and intelligent these...

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Nature through lens - Bandipur Workshop
Text and Images by Nitin Vyas

It was with much anticipation that I started out on a Friday morning with Nitin, Pawan and Roshan for Bandipur to attend SAEVUS-Sudhir Shivaram's wildlife...

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A Long Walk Home
Report by - Y.K.Sahu, DCF, Ranthambore Tiger Reserve; Dr. Dharmendra Khandal, Field Biologist and Ayan Sadhu, Junior Research Fellow, WII, Dehradun...


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Enigmatic Encounters
Text & image by: Vidyadhar Atkore

Field visits will never be boring to most field biologists; instead it becomes an inevitable ground to make new discoveries from the natural world. In some way, for a few...

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My Tryst With Destiny
Text By: Sandeep Mall

Around 14 to15 years back, there was a time when I was at Nagpur visiting my grandfather who had taken ill and was admitted in the I.C.U.

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Keoladeo National Park
Text and images: Falak Vasa

As shades of crimson and gold flashed before my eyes and the sound of my camera shutter disrupted the eerie silence around me, I digressed for...

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On The Elephant's Trail
Text and images: Santosh Saligram

Amboseli National Park, formerly known as the Maasai Amboseli Game Reserve, is situated in Kenya's Rift Valley Province. This humungous park extends to

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Ladakh- The Journey Continues
Text and images: Moushmi Manek

With each experience that I had on these mountains, I felt as if Nature was turning yet another page of her Book of Secrets...

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Chilka Chirpings
Text and images: Rathika Ramasamy

A photography assignment came my way in Jan 2011, and the next month, I found myself heading to Orissa...

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Notes from South Africa

Four hundred friends and colleagues in conservation assembled in Durban, South Africa from 9th to 12th July 2012 as part of the IVth International Wildlife Management, Congress (IWMC)....

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Angling for the king: The Mahaseer
Text and images: Mike A Johnsingh

Mahseer fishing, is what the tiger was to big game hunting. It is reported in the literature in well protected waters a mahseer can grow upto 100 kg...

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The hangul losing its ranging grounds to livestock in Kashmir



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Observations in Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuarie.

Mist shrouded hills, frequent rains and a breezy weather greeted me as I visited Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary in the last week of June in 2013 in the company of MK Rao, Chief Conservator of Forests, Wildlife...

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