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Who will Save the Cat? - Tanvi Balaji

These are very true words said by Aristotle, and enough to change a person’s mindset about animals. Humans believe they are the most superior of all animals. But who are we to judge...

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Universal Trap
Shaurya Gupta

Rippling muscles and sinews
The tiger walked by us, wading through the deciduous forest, the verb is cruise,
Eyes declaring the steel inside
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What is a Forest?
Text: Vaishnavi Reddi

Usually, when someone says 'forest', you would think about trees and animals. But do we really think 'What is a forest'? Well, read on and I'll tell you.

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Experience from Tiger Warrior Camp
Text: Shaurya Gupta

First thing inside the forest, you notice Shardul sir’s hawk-eyes gleaning every leaf with his maestro experience and intelligence. OK, maybe not insects when on the canter, but from his favourite spot by...

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