Saevus Magazine - January-February-2013
January - February, 2013
January - February, 2013
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The Lesser Florican is one of the smallest bustards in the world. An incredibly elusive bird, it is by sheer luck that photographer Ashok Chaudhary not only glimpsed this gorgeous bird, but was also privy to its extremely unique mating ritual. Experts Dr Gobind Sagar Bhardwaj and Dr K Sivakumar lend their expert voices to these observations
Umeed Mistry, a diver and photographer deeply in love with the residents of the deep, goes underwater and brings you collection of photographs that track the lives of the mysterious life forms of the oceans.
The incredible journey of an Olive Ridley turtle as she swims through the warm waters of Southern Tamil Nadu to lay her eggs. Divya Karnad tracks the progress of the hatchlings as they escape predators and make their way to the ocean, finishing one cycle and starting another, all at once.
“Being outdoors, with nature, being enveloped in a quiet, beautiful and interesting environment brings a feeling of perfect relaxation, of being perfectly in balance.” International, award-winning photographer Bernard Castelein talks about his connect with the wilderness, and shares his photography secrets
As Assam reeled under the shock of two massive floods last year, the Kaziranga rhinos faced all sorts of threats, as the water levels rose, and poachers attacked when the animals were at their most vulnerable. Samsul Huda Patgiri gives us an account of a state in conflict


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