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Amitava Banerjee.
- Kolkata
Nayana Mitter
- Gurgaon
About Myself:
When I'm not working, I'm travelling - more often than not to wildlife reserves in India and abroad. Photography is a hobby, developed despite having no formal training, that helps me capture on film the many wonderful experiences I had
Arijit Sarker
- Kolkata
About Myself:
I am a career banker who has been enthusiastic about conservation and conservation photography from early 2000 .... also a certified diver from RAID and a life member of Bombay Natural History Society.
Narayanan Iyer
- Navi Mumbai
About Myself:
Nature and wildlife photography is my passion. I love to bring the joys of animal kingdom thru images and tell those unseen and unheard stories to the people around me to create awareness which in turn lead to conserving the species.
Dheeraj Mali
- Pindwara
About Myself:
I am a passionate wildlife photographer and explorer.
Rekha Bhosale
- Pune
About Myself:
I'm a Pune-based wildlife photographer. I love to travel the length and breadth of India in search of capturing the wild beauty of the country. It was my affection towards birds that made me find an inclination within me towards wildlife photography
Nabarun Majumdar
- N 24 Parganas
Rajdeep Deb Purkayastha
- Agartala
About Myself:
A Banker by profession, I am very much passionate about nature and wildlife. Photographing the biodiversity for me is an excuse to spend more time with them. I think Photography and story telling together can deliver a powerful message
About Myself:
I wildlife and Birds photographer and I like Nature and capturing birds moments and all.
Since last year I started wildlife photography and now enjoying with wildlife.
Thank you
Roshan More
- Vashi, Navi Mumbai


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