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“It’s better if you take a cab,” suggested the young American tourist, “unless of course,

A growing metropolis is a death sentence for the local fauna living at the confluence

A consensus on the estimated tiger population in the state of Karnataka is being held,

An alarming trend in the trade of the tokay gecko (gekko gecko) has emerged in

Situated at an altitude of 5,029 m (16,499 ft) in Uttarakhand and lying in the

Prolific photographer, Hira Punjabi uses subtle nuances in his art along with a deep empathy

An annual survey of butterflies spanning 3 days in the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary attended by

The Trump administration has made a strange and mystifying decision for the Canada lynx to

Come winter, India’s bird sanctuaries become birdwatchers’ paradise. Sanjay Kumar, IAS, takes us on a

A camera trap footage by surveying scientists and researchers of A Rocha International in the

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