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A growing metropolis is a death sentence for the local fauna living at the confluence

A park less travelled brings out the most amazing photo opportunities. A part of the Western

Plans are colorful, they never hit the reality. You can add as many colours as

Not too long ago, all the major river systems in the Indian subcontinent were occupied

An entry to the #WeLoveSaevus video contest by Hardik Rathod

Covering an area around five percent of India's land but with 27% of all species

There is much hubbub about plastics and pollution. Environmentalists, activists and various agencies have been

Olympic National Park is an international biosphere reserve and a world heritage site with a

A carcass of a nilgai was discovered in the Kadarpur area of the forested hill

The area surrounding Narela Airport is under high-alert after patrol officers caught sight of a

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