A Ray of Hope!

Black Rhinos are classified as “Critically Endangered” species as per the IUCN Red List and as on date, there is only handful of individuals (approx 20-25) left in Masai Mara. Considering this I during the recent trip to mara I was extremely lucky to not only spot a pair of rhinos but was blessed to witness a rare natural history moment of Rhino mating and this surely makes one feel happy and raises a ray of hope for the black rhino survival and its reproduction.
Breeding pairs stay together for 2-3 days or even a week and they mate several times a day and copulation lasts for a good 30 minutes. The gestation period is 15 months and a single calf born can weigh up to 35-50 kgs at birth, the infant is all set to follow mother after 3 days time since birth. The lifespan of these Rhinos in natural conditions is between 35-50 years.
Video & Text By Praveen Siddannavar
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