Aim, Focus, Click!

On the occasion of World Photography Day, we bring to you the unexpected pleasures of photographing the wild!

Under the shade !!

Location:-  Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh , India.

Equipment used :-

Camera Used: EOS 7D Mark II,

Lens detail: Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS USM,

A Lesser adjutant (Leptoptilos javanicus) was inside the bush. When we first sighted him, only his beak was visible to the naked eye. Since we were very close to him, we felt that he was not very comfortable with our presence, to come out of the dense bush. So we decided to step back and continue our patient wait. Still there was no movement by the solitary wader. Our new waiting position was at an angle that hid even his beak, which was at least visible earlier. Our futile wait continued, which led us to consider that he might have gone deep into the bush. It was almost end of the day and we didn’t have much time to wait, so we decided to start our journey back. When we were just about to start our vehicle we suddenly observe the lesser adjutant come out from behind the bush, a little away from the spot where we sighted him first time. To our consternation, he was under the shade! As we clicked our cameras, we realized that only a ray of light fell on his beak, with the rest of this glorious bird hidden from us in the shadow.

The Madonna’s Shadow

Location:- Manas National Park, Assam, India.

Equipment used :-

Camera Used: EOS 7D Mark II,

Lens detail: Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS USM

It is perhaps an inherent trait of every mother to protect her babies, whether human or animal. Elephants, being matriarchal, has a herd with a matriarch in charge, to lead the herd to food and safety. The calf follows his mother as she guard and keep her child close, as it learns the ropes of life by always copying the movements of its mother. We found this mother and child crossing the roads in Manas NP. This child was closely following his mother like a shadow. We observed them patiently for quite a long time, our presence not bothering the pachyderm, as we were at quite a distance from them. Then another group arrived at the scene, which led them to retreat deep into the jungle.

A Perfect Portrait !

Location:-  Pangolekha Wildlife Sanctuary , Sikkim, India.

Equipment used:-

Camera Used: EOS 7D Mark II,

Lens detail: Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS USM,

Our main intention in visiting Pangolekha was to see and capture the image of the Himalayan king of birds, the majestic Monal(Lophophorus impejanus). After reaching our destination we were ready to start our search of the mystical Monal from the get-go. Yet, it was the next day morning that we sighted the monal first time. It was flying too far from us for a clear shot. After some scouting and talking to the villagers we came to know that the monal comes regularly near cattle shed which was situated at a distance from the village. We immediately proceeded in the instructed direction of the shed, situated further away from locality. As we reached there, we saw a male monal. But it flew off as soon as it felt our presence there. We decided to be more careful and hid ourselves, waiting the whole day there for another glimpse of the shy bird, to no avail. The next day, we reached the same spot again the early in morning before sunrise and patiently waited there. Finally we saw a female and then a male arrive at the spot, following his partner. We bid our time, allowing the pair to came closer to us, enabling us to get the perfect portrait of the mystical monal.


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Sudipta is an architect by profession and a passionate wildlife photographer from Kolkata. He loves photography and is always keen to explore new places, especially forests all over the world. His aim is to unearth hidden stories of wild animals and birds through his photographs, and he chooses his subjects and shooting locations carefully after research.

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