In a ground-breaking measure, authorities and conservationists in Indonesia are up in arms against poachers using highly innovative technology. Indonesian rainforests can lay claim to some of the highest levels of biodiversity, with some of the rarest and endangered species living in it. It is also one of the foremost hubs of illegal trade of animals and their body parts worth an approximate 23 billion dollars per annum. To keep animal trafficking in control, conservationists and activists are using advanced technology, once used to combat crime lords and their drug cartels. The Wildlife Conservation Society(WCS) in collaboration with Indonesian governmental authorities are using advanced computer software to map and extract data from seized electronic devices and combat poaching and trafficking. International Animal Rescue(IAR) Indonesia, use DNA barcoding in crime scene investigation to identify the species and other details of crime against wildlife. In this taxonomic method of genetic sequencing, tissue samples of confiscated animals are cross-referenced with genetic codes database. The Freeland Foundation is empowering the common man to help the under-resourced forest rangers and police force by launching a mobile application which combats animal trafficking. The members of the public can take a photo of the animal they encounter and swipe it in the app to catalogue if the animal is of an endangered species.


—- As reported by The New Indian Express

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