After a huge gap of 240 year’s United Kingdom finally witnessed the return of white taled eagles or fish eagle soaring high in English skies.Been a common sight in 18th century these birds were killed alot and became extinct untill finally they were spotted after 240 years making the conservationists happy.
Tale of Extinction
Last spotted in 1780 over Culver Cliff over the Isle of Wight in England.These 2.5 m winged amazing prey birds disappeared after the last of the lot was shot dead somewhere on the Scottish Shetland Islands.
Tale of Return
After extreme efforts of Forestry England and the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation that this once lost species is making a comeback after more than two centuries.The foundation collected birds from wild and bought them to an island in Scotland.
As Quoted by Roy Dennis “I have spent much of my life working on the reintroduction of these amazing birds and so watching them take to the skies of the Isle of Wight has been a truly special moment.”
Fitted with GPS trackers  team kept tracking four young birds and then in the last summer, six young white-tailed eagles were brought and released on the Isle of Wight under a five-year project to restore the species to southern England.
As Reported by TIMES OF INDIA.

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