Conservationists said it was mystifying how the Trump administration determined the lynx has recovered and should be delisted. (Photo: Pixabay)

The Trump administration has made a strange and mystifying decision for the Canada lynx to be removed from the federal endangered and threatened species list, as declared by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. This feline species is twice the size of normal domestic cats, with long limbs and large paws, and are reclusive and solitary in nature. The Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis), found in a few pockets in a few of the western states and Canada, was deemed as having recovered and suggested delisting by the US administration from the threatened list, as the agencies are not aware of the present numbers of this species residing in the Rocky Mountain area. This flimsy argument and the arbitrary decision has raised a massive hue and cry from conservationists, who feel that if the lynx, if delisted, will most probably become extinct, in the parts of Colorado, Maine, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, and Washington, where they are currently found and protected.


As reported by The Asian Age, dated Jan 12, 2018

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