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Man-Animal Conflict

Snakes have fascinated and intrigued us from centuries, here the author helps us understand myths and facts about these reptiles. India is home to over 300 species of snakes found in diverse landscapes – from the high Himalayas and dense canopies

Well-meaning humans feeding baby monkeys have inadvertently led to their deaths and destruction of habitat, human-animal conflict, and various other reasons leading to catastrophic results on the continuing well-being of their species, as explained by Wildlife SOS   With their beguiling eyes

A specialised geriatric care routine is the need of the hour for the ageing leopard population of leopards. We shed light on the Leopard Rescue Centre in Junnar, Maharashtra, established by Wildlife SOS where the majestic spotted felines live the

Tigers are known for their fortitude and power, elephants for their intelligence. Although stories have been told and heard of the two animals having overpowered each other occasionally, they rarely cross paths. The author shares his account of a rare

Leopards, early from the pen of Jim Corbett to the current connotation of “man-eating leopard”, have reached a different level of interaction with humans.  There are ample reports in which both leopards and humans are usually killing each other when

The sheer adrenaline surge and the following victorious feeling of a tiger sighting after repeated failed attempts to spot the striped feline is a thing to cherish the entire life. “What of the hunting, hunter bold? Brother, the watch was long and

In an instance of man-animal conflict stooping to inhumane grounds, a pregnant elephant died after receiving grave injuries when she bit into a fruit laden with a crude bomb     Try as one might and there can be no known fault of

A new study reveals the impact of leopards on livestock losses and human injuries in a human-use landscape in Maharashtra, India. The impact of leopards (Panthera pardus) on livestock losses and human injuries in a human-use landscape in Maharashtra, India was

Misunderstood, vilified, and viewed as dangerous and destructive, the striped hyena (Hyaena hyaena) is a “near threatened” species a per the IUCN Redlist with a steadily dwindling population.   The Hyena is a ‘near threatened’ species and India is home to 20%

The ubiquitous plastic has been proven to be a menace to both man and animal and is choking life on earth rapidly and steadily. Yet, we continue to bury our heads under the sand and refuse to ban plastic from