Coronavirus: Rare fin whales swim close to Marseille as lockdown curbs human activity

News of wildlife sightings continue due to the lack of human presence as a result of the lockdown caused by Covid-19 pandemic. A pair of fin whales were sighted near Marseille in southern France. This spotting of the whales were made by sea patrol off the Calanques national park, who filmed the rare appearance. According to Didier Reault, president of the park board, this was a “very, very rare” occurance, as the large aquatic mammals normally stay away from the vicinity of the reserve’s waters due to maritime traffic, water sports and fishing activities indulged by humans usually. The lack of human activity and presence has perhaps encouraged the pair of fin whales to stray away from their normal haunts in the deeper parts of the Mediterranean seas. 
As reported by Independent, UK


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