Glimpses in the wild

 Leopards in the Mara, the reigning tigress in Bandhavgarh, a fantail in Singapore or a deer or cormorant in Bharatpur. Pinaki Ray presents us a whimsy of wonderful images in his photo story.

Choti tara – the beautiful tigress of Bandhavgarh mukki zone. She was lying in the water in a pond nestled with the ground and only the flick of her tail gave away her position to our guide. After that small movement, she made us   wait with baited breath for almost 40 minutes until she decided to give us a look and raised her head. I think she thought she was well hidden and was surprised when she saw us still waiting for her .

ISO 400, 400mm, f5.6, 1-125 sec

Cormorant sihouette captured in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, on one foggy and cold morning.

iso 400, 600mm, f5.0, 1-6400sec


A beautiful and feisty fantail one morning in “Gardens by the Bay” in Singapore. She was sitting on the dried  lotus flower giving me a nice contrast and color.

Kaboso, the leopard, walking down to her baby after she hunted down a wildebeest on the banks of the Mara river . She killed with grace and feline expertise and after hiding her kill she walked down to fetch her Cub as he was hungry.

iso 100, 600mm, f7.1, 1-500sec_

Deer in tunnel on a foggy morning in Bharatpur. We were waiting at this spot for a long time waiting for a deer or a fox to appear. Sure enough, the deer came and stood there giving us a painting. A beautiful morning indeed!

iso 200, 400mm, f10, 1-200sec_

About the Author /

Pinaki is a chef by profession, working at the iconic JW Marriott in Singapore. Photography is his passion and he has nurtured this over the years. He loves to travel. His travels inspire him with new ideas and refreshes his mind and helps him to come up with innovative culinary ideas.



    March 4, 2020

    Super . Passion personified . I am sure the new innings will also see the culinary accolades chasing you . Best wishes . Sandeep

  • Sandip Ghatak

    March 4, 2020

    Amazing … keep up the good work Chef Pinaki and keep cooking new frames ….

  • Partha chakraborty

    March 4, 2020

    Marvellous…. Looking forward to more cool captures….

  • Sanjay

    March 4, 2020

    This an an amazing piece of art. Precessions and passion combines your hobby. A true testaments of living your dreams. All the very best pinaki.

  • Sam Mustafi

    March 4, 2020

    Durdanto .

  • Rejoy Banerjee

    March 4, 2020

    Superb photography…shows the patience of the photographer before getting the perfect shot. Love it. Keep it going.

  • Sanjoy Das

    March 4, 2020

    Breathtakingly beautiful photos! Captures the varied moods of wilderness!

  • Ayan Majumdar

    March 4, 2020

    Brilliant Pinaki…. waiting for more

  • Debbie misra

    March 4, 2020

    Love the shots & the easy flow of writing 👌🏼

  • Animitra

    March 4, 2020


  • Somnath Pal

    March 4, 2020

    Pinaki, this is absolutely stunning!! Keep clicking!! Keep writing!!

  • Babu Mukhopadhyay

    March 4, 2020

    Fabulous pictures, transposes me there

  • Neelanjana Bose

    March 4, 2020

    I always look forward for your posts and pictures. They are simply marvellous!! They never fail to amaze me…….

  • Saanvi Mazumdar

    March 4, 2020

    I have been hearing about your wildlife photography for so long but after seeing these lovely pictures I realized passionate you are about photography. All these pictures capture the mesmerizing effects of the forests; something I haven’t really experienced personally. The last one ‘deer in tunnel’ is my Favourite and I feel that it really embraces the theme of ‘wildlife’.

  • Soumee Mazumdar

    March 4, 2020

    Stunning photographs 👍🏻

    ‘Glimpses in the wild’ talks about the amount of knowledge, skill and patience you have possessed over the years to capture these extraordinary shots. Truly mesmerised!!! Look forward to view more photographs from the wild.

    All the best!

  • Vaishali

    March 4, 2020

    Great clicks Pinaki !! All the very best …

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