How we stand apart

The feline family, (family Felidae), has different species members, who are different yet belong to the same carnivore order, and yet are each subtly different. The order carnivora has again different species, who, while belong to the same order, differ from each other to for independent species. They stand apart, enchantingly beautiful.

Animal kingdom consists of animal species which belong to their own biological families. A species in an animal family stands apart from the rest,in some or the other way. Let’s see how.

Among the cat family, the lion is known to be the cat with most exceptions.  It is the only cat which lives in groups called prides whereas others tend to be solitary.  It is the only cat which boasts tufts at the end of their tails and the only cats where males can easily be differentiated from females by their thick, fuzzy manes. How unique lions are from other wild cats!


Like the lion, the cheetah too is another cat with two exceptions.  The cheetah also lives in groups called coalitions. But unlike lions whose group consists of both genders, a coalition consists only of males. Females tend to be solitary only living with cubs.  Second exception is that, a cheetah is the only cat with semi retractile claws whiles other cats boasting retractable claws.  The fastest cat too has its own specialties.

Hyena, known for its giggling sound, has three species – the spotted hyena, the striped hyena and the Brown hyena. Here, the spotted hyena stands apart from the rest in two ways. Spotted Hyena is a predator i.e. for the most part known to hunt live animals while the others are scavengers.  Another exception about the spotted hyena is about its ears which are more curved unlike other hyenas, which are triangular.


The family of bears has its own hit list for its species with exceptions.  Polar bears stand apart from other bears for lot of reasons. First, they are the only bear species to be classified as a marine mammal as they spend a lot of time swimming in water. Secondly, they are the only species bear to be hyper carnivorous in nature when compared to other bears whose diets contain less than 70% of meat.  Third, they are the only species of bear to have clear fur (with no color) which changes according to the surroundings i.e. whenever there is sunlight, they appear white, during sunset these bears appear reddish etc.Marvelous creature given by Mother Nature!


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