India and Nepal to enter formal agreement for biodiversity conservation

The two neighbouring nations of India and Nepal have agreed to sign an agreement for cooperation on conservation of biodiversity. This agreement includes transboundary landscape management, as well as an agreement to focus on conservation of species like elephant, rhino and tiger. The two nations with common boundaries plan to sign the Memorandum of Agreement(MOU) before India’s parliamentary elections are announced, since any delay will result in the delay of implememtation till after the election phase is completed. Mr  Man Bahadur Khadka,  the Director general of the Department of National parks and Wildlife conservation in Nepal’s Ministry of Forests and Environment, recounted many instances of close cooperation between the two neighbouring nations wherein wildlife that strayed into each other’s territories were safely sent back. “Nepalese and Indian authorities are already working in close coordination including sending the animals that stray to the other side. The MoU will only improve this work,” Mr Khadka opined, while laying stress on the fact that the MOU would focus on biodiversity conservation, wildlife habitat management, tiger conservation and protection. The agreement is expected to put an emphasis on tiger conservation. As per the 2014 tiger population estimation, there are approximately 2,226 tigers in India while  Nepal is estimated to have  around 235 striped felines. The cooperation of the neighbouring nations on tiger conservation is important as the tiger population is at a steady rise in both the countries since the past decade or more.

— As reported by Mongabay


Cover Photo: The MoU is expected to emphasise cooperation for conservation and protection of tiger. Photo by Stefan van den Akker/Wikimedia Commons.

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