Junglimerick Special Bird Edition

Asani Bhaduri, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Molecular and Computational Biology, better known as a Half-mad K-no-w-mad is back with his much-awaited Junglimericks, with a special edition on birds.

Happy days are gone
Lamented the Red-headed Trogon
These idiots play bird call
With those apps they install
We won’t respond, have identified the ringtone



‘Hickory Dickory dock’
Do we look like frog?
We are the camouflage masters
We venture with night stars
Dare you say Frogmouth, we surely won’t talk.



No point in calling an allopath
Chucked the Hornbill while voyaging the earth
Too much leaf canopy
Turning our feathers greasy
For a change, let’s take a sandbath



The Great Crested Grebe
Was searching for his bebe
Starting in Central Asia
Investigating Okhla to Gajaldoba
Nowhere’s the girl, he appealed in YouTu-be



Let’s hunt together, said the Drongo
We both make a great combo
You are cute and ferocious
I am alert and righteous
After all, it indeed takes two to tango


About the Author /

Asani Bhaduri urf the ‘Half-mad K-no-w mad’ is an Assistant Professor at University of Delhi. A ‘Non-directional Traveler’ and ‘SLR-less Photographer’, Asani believes that the beauty of nature and wildlife is for everyone, not just for the rich and select few. Being a ‘benign birder’, he regularly posts his non-SLR bird images in Twitter to encourage common people to take up birding and bird photography. Mr Bhaduri describes himself as an Impact-free Researcher, Non-directional Traveler, Practice-skipping Violinist, SLR-less Photographer, Discerning Omni-reader, Forgetful Phytologist, Benign Birder, Penniless Numismatist, Philanthropic Philatelist, Poorest Art-collector, Grown-up Toy-accumulator, Long short(e)mail Writer, Contradictory Agnostic, Pessimistic Humanist …


  • Manoj Das

    March 13, 2021

    Wonderful post Dada

  • Karn

    March 15, 2021

    Good fun to read!
    Esp. the very end.. self description 😀👍

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