Junglimericks in Lockdown

“When Going Gets Tough, The Tough ones laugh. Stay Well, Stay Home and Dream about Jungle through the Junglimerics” says the Half-mad K-no-w-mad!

Who the heck needs a ramp?

For fashion-walk, I use swamp

The meadowy clothes add the zing

Yo Bro! Here comes Barasingh

Before the walk – wait – let me take a dump.



Hey You! Go, Get a life

Move away, don’t eye my wife

The Brown Fish Owl was miffed

When a photographer clicked

Unless you forgot, my beak is sharp as knife



Ma, Pa. Why we have long neck?

We aren’t giraffe. Just for its sake?

Chewing grasshopper, snails and seeds

Pondered the juvy Sarus

Parents winked, while feeding do have a body check


The land is dry, futile is hunting

Tired was the Crested Bunting

Those pathetic sapiens

Made sure the water wanes

No shrubs, no grass seed – weeds are boring


Tejo the rhino came from Kajiranga

Fell in love with a Nepali beauty Sanga

In Dudhwa’s grassland

Mio-Amore hand in hand

They roamed in style, while chewing chichinga





About the Author /

Asani Bhaduri urf the ‘Half-mad K-no-w mad’ is an Assistant Professor at University of Delhi. A ‘Non-directional Traveler’ and ‘SLR-less Photographer’, Asani believes that the beauty of nature and wildlife is for everyone, not just for the rich and select few. Being a ‘benign birder’, he regularly posts his non-SLR bird images in Twitter to encourage common people to take up birding and bird photography. Mr Bhaduri describes himself as an Impact-free Researcher, Non-directional Traveler, Practice-skipping Violinist, SLR-less Photographer, Discerning Omni-reader, Forgetful Phytologist, Benign Birder, Penniless Numismatist, Philanthropic Philatelist, Poorest Art-collector, Grown-up Toy-accumulator, Long short(e)mail Writer, Contradictory Agnostic, Pessimistic Humanist …

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