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Junglimerics Revisited

Musings of a wild kind – in rhyme! Here is the next edition of limerics by the self-proclaimed “Half-mad Know-mad”


Butterflies puddling at Sipna

Mud n salt, nothing beats the chakhna

The lizard Calotis

Not letting this amiss

Pounce, bounce – Oops! It broke its hip na!



The leopards of Bera

Only after sunset come out of their dera

In the pitch dark night

Fearing scorpion n snake bite

Guides often take along a Sapera



The Croc fell in love with the snouty

Slim n trim – Oh! What a beauty!

I know that she’s Gharial

Will ring up Just Dial

After changing my DNA, we’ll sip together green tea



The Pit Viper hissed to the Cobra

Why so fussy, you’re not in opera

Have you seen our muscles?

Bamboo’s, Hump-nosed’ or Russell’s

We’re fit n swift, accept defeat, chhokra.



The paddy is green, mellow light

The dash of red with dots of white

Shinny little birdie

Not only foolhardy

Red Munia, always, is worth a sight



Sipna: River passing through melghat Tiger Reserve
Bera: place in Rajasthan

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Asani Bhaduri urf the ‘Half-mad K-no-w mad’ is an Assistant Professor at University of Delhi. A ‘Non-directional Traveler’ and ‘SLR-less Photographer’, Asani believes that the beauty of nature and wildlife is for everyone, not just for the rich and select few. Being a ‘benign birder’, he regularly posts his non-SLR bird images in Twitter to encourage common people to take up birding and bird photography. Mr Bhaduri describes himself as an Impact-free Researcher, Non-directional Traveler, Practice-skipping Violinist, SLR-less Photographer, Discerning Omni-reader, Forgetful Phytologist, Benign Birder, Penniless Numismatist, Philanthropic Philatelist, Poorest Art-collector, Grown-up Toy-accumulator, Long short(e)mail Writer, Contradictory Agnostic, Pessimistic Humanist …


  • Ram

    October 28, 2018

    Wonderful piece Sir.

  • Ram

    October 28, 2018

    Wonderful piece Sir.

  • Sneha Singh

    October 29, 2018

    This is beyond marvelous!!

  • Rajendra Gupta

    October 29, 2018

    very interesting and amusing.

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