A carcass of a nilgai was discovered in the Kadarpur area of the forested hill tracts of Gurugram. Conservationists and activists have urged the Forest Department to fill up the watering holes in the dry and parched Aravalis to combat the dry spell in the region. Green activists have pointed out that the drying water holes, originally dug up by the Forest Department, have no way of getting re-filled due to the lack of a regular mechanism to transport water to these holes, and are drying up quickly due to the rising summer temperatures. The nilgai was found dead near a dried and muddy watering hole, leading to activists alleging apathy of those in power leading to wildlife suffering and death due to lack of water. Mr Vinod Kumar, Chief Conservator of forests(wildlife, Gurugram circle), mentioned an agreement of the department with an NGO to fill up 9 of the watering hole in the area and said that “there is a delay from their end this year. However, we assure you we will get all the watering holes filled soon. We have already borrowed a tanker from the territorial wing of the department to carry out the task.” Incidentally, there are 20 watering holes in the Aravalis, in the areas adjoining the city, with frequent leopard sightings being reported in the area.

–As reported by TOI

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