No obstructions when hungry

God’s creations come in all sizes. Be it the mighty towering giraffe, or the cane toad, differing sizes result in differing survival techniques. Adapting to their surroundings, these animals have mastered the art of procuring food while battling adverse situations for survival.

It is true that when any living organism is hungry, it will head towards food to beat its hunger. But, for some organisms the food which they take usually has some obstruction around it.  Yet these animals have their own characteristic features which help them to make their way through.

Giraffes, the tallest animals on the planet, feast on the leaves of Acacia tree which no other animal can reach. Additionally, these trees have needle sharp thorns which can be very injurious.  But, these towering creatures need not worry as they have tough hide which covers even their lips.

Unknown, Leipzig ; Berlin ; Wien : F.A. Brockhaus [Public domain]

Another creature which has its own protection is the Honey badger or ratel.  It is named so for its love for feasting on honey.  Like all other weasels, this creature has razor sharp claws to remove honey from the honey combs.  As honeybees emerge from the honeycomb, this weasel hasthick fur which itself is a shield from bee’s stings.

CT Cooper [Public domain]

We all know skunks are those animals which emit smelly odor when defending themselves from a predator. But, this technique works only on terrestrial predators like foxes, pumas, coyotes etc. but not on aerial predators like the Great Horned owl. This large owl is known to prey on skunksall due to its poor sense of smell. Creator’s gift to this bird to reach its food.

Peter K Burian [CC BY 4.0 (]

In Australia, the Cane toad is an invasive species whose presence has declined the populations of many native species of animals including Freshwater crocodiles. Lack of immunity to this toad’s venom has led to this reptile’s fate. But, for its bigger cousin in its homeland i.e. the saltwater crocodile, this toad’s venom is ineffective due to its powerful immunity.

Benjamint444 [GFDL 1.2 (]





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