Camera trap recordings in 4 wildlife sanctuaries in Goa have confirmed the presence of tigers in the area, which has in turn led to the proposal by the state forest department to declare a core area in each sanctuary as a tiger reserve. This proposal is subject to the approval of the National Tiger Conservation Society(NTCS). The wildlife sanctuaries of Mollem, Netravali, Mahadayi and Cotigao are all located in the Western Ghat region, and the tiger presence was recorded in these sanctuaries, in the areas bordering Maharashtra and Goa, mainly the Chorla Ghat hill range area. The forest department plans to do a detailed mapping of tiger movement in the area, to identify the core areas for tiger presence, to be demarcated as possible tiger reserve, subject to approval by  the State Wildlife Board and the NTCS, Incidentally, the  Union Ministry for Environment, Forest and Climate Change had advised Goa in 2011 to notify the Mahadayi Wildlife sanctuary as a tiger reserve, but the failure of the government at that time had led to the Centre sending a reminder to the state Government in 2014.


—As reported by Business Standard

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