Rare and nearly extinct wildlife species found in Buxa Tiger Reserve

Concealed trap camera footage from West Bengal’s Buxa Tiger Reserve confirms the presence of rare and previously thought to be almost extinct species of wildlife in the area. Buxa Tiger Reserve, located in Alipurduar district of Bengal, near the Indo-Bhutan border, has been in news for receiving permission from National Tiger Conservation Authority to import tigers to maintain a healthy count of its present count of the feline family. The recent find of the new species in the area via concealed camera’s video footage “proved the presence of extensive wildlife diversity in the Buxa Tiger Reserve” as per Mr R Sinha, the Chief Conservator of W Bengal. The images and video footage confirm the presence of the Asiatic black bear (Ursus thibetinus), also known as the Himalayan black bear, among other species, which were once common in the area, but were driven to the brink of extinction due to excessive illegal poaching. Other species discovered afresh were the yellow-throated marten, large Indian civet, marbled cat, leopard cat, and clouded leopard, which led to the authorities installing more cameras in the area.


— As Reported by Times of India, dated Jan 23, 2018

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