Revisiting the moments in the wild

Most of us find a soulful connect with the wilderness, in some or other way. Personally, I feel the connection strong enough that often pulls me into the dense, mysterious world of wildlife.

A visit to forest works as an energy booster for me always. To relive the feeling, I try escaping from the hustle bustle of busy civilization and surrender to the woods at every opportunity. A visit to Dooars, West Bengal, was exactly the kind of escape I truly enjoy. I made the trip to have a good time in serenity and to observe some of my ‘jungle friends’.

First time I had visited this region during pre-monsoon and then frequently thereafter.

Hope you experience some of the thrills through my favourite captures from one of my favourite places in the wild – Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary.



A one horn rhino was crossing the Hollong River casually to reach its desired place, saltlick in Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary. I spotted him on a lazy afternoon when I was on the lookout for good photo opportunity and this sure made my day.



The same Rhino was crossing the river and walking slowly and cautiously towards its destination while I was waiting on the banks of Hollong River. Getting to watch and click a moment like this feeds my soul. For the wildlife and photography enthusiast in me, that was an afternoon to cherish.


Such a thrill it was to watch the same Rhino on the other side of the narrow river, watchfully and calmly having made its way to saltlick. A moment witnessed by just the two of us. 



The One-horn Rhino was stylishly posing for my lens while grazing on the grass nearby, after salt licking. It was interesting to know some insights about salt licking, from the forest guard.



A memorable capture from another great day in Dooars. A single-tooth Tusker crossed the path in a remote area of Lankapara beat, Jaldapara National Park when I was just wandering around the beat hoping to get lucky with a sighting! I was so mesmerized by the sight of him elegantly crossing the path that I endlessly kept pressing the shutter, ignoring my guide’s warning about the tusker being furious by nature.


Two Indian Bisons – one of the highlights from this trip. Possibly a parent and child, One grown and another one child, enjoying their salt lick at Jaldapara National Park. A sight to behold indeed!


A leopard!! On the branches of a tree looking through the lens of my Camera! The moment I could die for. What a soul rewarding trip it was!


An Indian Bison (Gaur) and One-horn Rhino in a fighting mood. I still remember the evening when I was wandering on the banks of Hollong River, capturing the endless beauty of the Forest and they arrived… Rihno was there for a long time and suddenly the Bison arrived. The duo suddenly became aggressive. – angry and unruly, grabbing the attention of staffs of Holong Forest Bungalow. They predicted the Bison would win the fight. To my surprise, they were absolutely correct. The battle lasted for long, in front of our eyes and in dense greens too. Forest officials found the Rhino dead the following day. Sad


Another beautiful glimpse from an afternoon in the Jungle, Mother with her Child, who is enjoying a salty digestive as the mother cautiously keeps a watch, on her baby’s surroundings – a motherly instinct.


While returning from a trip to Dooars, spotted a Tusker just wandering here and there in the forest of Jaldapara.



Somehow being in the wild always keeps you energetic to be on the lookout and capture moments like these, tirelessly.

A deep connection? Yes, indeed.

I personally feel, narratives of others’ visits to the wild, can never make you feel the real thrill of the moments lived there. They don’t do justice to both, the narrator’s experiences and the reader’s quest.

Regular visits to the forests truly purify my inner soul. As John Muir aptly said- ‘’The cleanest way in the universe is through a forest wilderness’’.


Cover Pic: Cautious and alert about its surroundings, my one horn friend seemed to be getting alarmed by someone’s presence nearby.

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I’m a Nature and wildlife Photography enthusiast. Being particular or specific, my belongings are just of Mother Nature, soulfully. I see the wilderness; I feel the variances of nature through the lens, with Love. Started my journey with Photography in the year 2005 when I was motivated by my father Mr. D. C. Sen and started learning the magic of Photography from one of the Master of art, Mr. Subhasis Banerjee (Light and Shadow Institute, Kolkata). His guidance and nurturing made me much more inquisitive towards the art. Presently, I stay here in Siliguri, the northern part of West Bengal, India which is indeed the gateway of all the Forests, Hills in West Bengal. My thirst for this creative art always chases me, and I just love to surrender.


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