Shadow in the Snow

Count your blessings if you have seen one in the wild. Here is your chance for a face-off with this elusive cat which may soon become the stuff of legends. The Grey ghost of the Himalayan landscape.


Story : Khulbushansingh Suryawanshi

Illustrations : Rohan Chakravarty

Cover image Photo courtesy : Dhritiman Mukherjee

This article was featured in the Kids’ special feature of Saevus Magazine June-July 2012.


About the Author /

Originally from Ajanta, Maharashtra, Kulbhushan’s primary area of interest has been high-altitude ecosystems. Having won several research and travel grants, such as the National Geographic Young Explorer Grant 2011, Conservation Leadership Program Future Conservationist Grant 2011 and the Snow Leopard Network Grant 2011, Kulbhushan is currently working on his PhD with the Nature Conservation Foundation, Mysore. He is studying the foraging behavior of Snow leopards and its implications for understanding livestock depredation by large carnivores

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