In a bid to prevent roadkill of wildlife in the Kollam-Thirumangalam National Highway, which crosses the Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary, the Forest Department has constructed three sky bridges for arboreal animals to cross the roads. The construction of these canopy bridges follows repeated incidents of hit-and-run follows where animals such as Malabar giant squirrel, Nilgiri langur, lion-tailed macaque were killed or disfigured after being hit by speeding cars along the route. The three sky bridges of high quality nylon parallel ropes, bamboo and iron twine, are situated near tourist hotspots at the Thenmala Dam Junction, Pallamvetty and Shenduruny Wildlife Office junctions for squirrels and monkeys to cross the roads safely. With the onset of summer, the animals will begin their mass search of water, endangering them to speeding cars plying the stretch of roads crossing the forest lands. Apart from the canopy bridges, the Forest department has also put up signboards advising tourist against feeding wild animals.


— As reported by The New Indian Express

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