Spotted dove

The spotted doves (Spilopelia chinensis) or spotted turtle doves, denizens of tropical southern Asia, are often found near human habitatation.



The year 2020 began with a huge number of birds being spotted in Nhava Sheva. It gives me great pleasure to share tales of one of them – a beautiful bird called the spotted dove. It is one of the most beautiful bird of the pigeon species .The coloration of this bird is worth looking at. It is a slender dove with a long tail, grey and pinkish brown at the top, spotted dark patch at the side of the neck and spotted feathers. Their white tipped tails can be seen during flight.



Their vocal organs are located at the side of their necks. When this bird calls, we can observe the spotted black patch at the side of the neck coming  in and out like a balloon. Kuwukuku  kuwukuku is the familiar soft call of the dove that can be heard in the quiet parts of the day. This particular call transports a person to calm down if angry or in a bad mood. I feel that particular softness and depth of the sound adds thickness to the atmosphere of the day and brings coolness and cheers to the human being.



It is very difficult to identify male female as both sexes look alike. A lovable bird mainly seen in villages or farm house areas, it is also seen in cactus bushes. They are usually found in small flocks or pairs, foraging on the ground or perching in trees and on telephone wires. They have a rapid, swift flight, although they glide down from their perch wen foraging on the grounds. As per the IUCN, they are classified as Least Concern (LC) and with their population trend considered to be increasing, although this species is vulnerable to habitat loss from human developments, as well as to agricultural herbicides and trapping in some countries for the pet trade.



KINGDOM                    Animalia

PHYLUM                       Chordata

CLASS                            Aves

ORDER                         Columbiformes

FAMILY                         Columbidae

GENUS                          Spilopelia

SPECIES                        Spilopelia chinensis

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Sylvester Alphonso has worked as faculty in the Bureau of Maritime affairs, Gulf Coast training technologies and Great Eastern as marine instructor. He is passionate about nature and conservation, as well as birding and photography. He has won several awards including those for owning the highest collection of CDs and DVDs and the highest collection of photographs, India Book of Records, 2012.


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