The window limit with iconic denizens

While the nation is gripped by the ubiquitous fear of a pandemic wreaking havoc across the population, the author muses about the flip side of the coin where the earth is healing from the ravages we have heaped on it.


Nature and Amazing Evening


We always keep saying “The sky is the limit”, yet in this lockdown, it seems difficult to reiterate the choice of the sky as a limit. During this lockdown, the situation of most people, including mine was such that the bedroom window was the limit, the only connection with the outer world. Now while that may seem to sound funny but it isn’t. We are so busy that often we miss out on many things around us. We see humans walking around constant hustle and bustle in the street but now in these two months, I got to hear the peaceful breeze, the constant chirps of a variety of birds and their interactions, the smallest of the insects which play a major role in our ecosystem, the soft swing of flowers and grasses, the silent landing of dewdrops, constant moves of the garden lizard.


Garden Lizard


This window was just a construction a few days back which now brings me to live in this lifeless situation. I always heard the call of the Koel, but now I got the chance to watch the male Cuckoo and his mate, the Indian Robin, the Magpie Robin, the Golden oriole. We always heard them but now they are under my lenses.


Male Cuckoo

Female Cuckoo

Indian Robin

Magpie Robin

Golden Oriole


Nature moves in its perfect rhythm, watching them it seems the Earth is in its normal condition. Blooms of Xanthostemon chrysanthus, Zinnia elegans, Chrysanthemum morifolium, Hibiscus vitifolius, Pentas lanceolata and it is unending. Nature always surrounds us but we don’t have time to observe its beauty and grandeur.


Xanthostemon chrysanthus

Zinnia elegans

Hibiscus vitifolius

Pentas lanceolata

This lockdown gave me the realization that when the sky was the limit I never paid heed to it but the Window Limit taught me the importance of nature in our day-to-day life. In all the negativity surrounding us, when all around us are only talking about the disaster, if we take time to ponder, to flip the other side of the coin, we can say nature asked us to stop for a while and value its existence. This phase will surely pass, everything will normalize again; and mother nature will again help us to habituate with the rhythm of life and give us the opportunity to wisely explore it. Now it is up to us to realize where we went wrong and word towards righting that wrong.

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My dream is to become a wildlife conservationist and to pursue wildlife studies from Wildlife Institute Of India after I complete college. Travelling is my passion. My DSLR is my constant travel companion and helps me to capture the rare moments. My visit to Jim Corbett National Park is the most memorable to date. In my school days, I was an active member and secretary of “Spice Club”, our Eco Club. My other interests are playing the guitar and theatre.


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