Twin tiger deaths rock Sariska, Ranthambhore

In a serious blow dealt to the tiger population in Rajasthan, 2 tigers have died in consecutive days in the state. While Monday saw a tiger being strangulated to death while trapped in a barbed wire fence in Sariska National Park, another tiger died after being tranquillized to facilitate rescue operation from the human locality. The tiger T-28, commonly known as “Star” or “Sitara”, was a 13-year-old male from Ranthambhore National Park. It had strayed to Chaan village in the Khandar area in the national parks border and was surrounded by the villagers. Forest officials tranquillized it, to remove it to safety. It was rescued and brought to the Gudda forest, where it died at 1 pm. The 4year old male tiger ST-11 from Sariska was discovered dead on late Monday after having been choked in a wire fence erected by villagers to prevent their crops being damaged by wild animals. Incidentally, a female tiger ST-5 from Sariska has been reported missing for almost a month now. T-28 was a dominant male and had mated with T-17 and T-19, the daughters of the legendary “Machhli” of Ranthambhore. Wildlife lovers mourn the loss of the 2 big cats, while alleging that both deaths could have been avoided but for the apathy of the forest department.



As reported by Economic Times 

(Cover Pic by VINODH V, for representation purpose only)

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