annual butterfly survey

An annual survey of butterflies spanning 3 days in the Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary attended by more than 142 lepidopterologists from across the peninsula, led to the discovery of two new species, as well as recording the presence of 178 species of butterflies in the area. The two new species recorded are the silver-streaked acacia blue(Zinaspa todara) and Nilgiri grass yellow(Eurema nilgiriensis). The common albatross butterflies(Appias albina) was present in its migratory flight at Chavachi, which showed the presence of 67 species. Paripputhodu recorded 80 species. Of the species found and recorded, 67 belonged to the brush-footed butterfly family(nymphalidae), 50 belonged to the gossamer-winged blue family(lycacnidae polyommanitae), 25 from the skippers family (hesperiidae), 20 of the familia pieridae whites and 16 of the swallowtail family(pappilionidae latreille). 11 spots in the Aralam sanctuary were covered in the survey which began on the 12th of January 2018.


As reported by TOI, Jan 16, 2018

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