Weaver Ants

Weaver ants (Oecophylla smaragdina) are a species of arboreal ants famed for their unique nest building behavior. These eusocial insects of the family Formicide (order Hymenoptera) are found in tropical Asia and Australia. Worker ants of this species construct nests using leaves and larval silk by weaving them to create engineering wonders.

Weaver ants are one of the most interesting insect species to study. From the ground up to the leaves of trees, they are everywhere. They collect everything for food, from bugs to spiders, even carcasses of their fellow ants! One thing they strongly believe is in team work which is the backbone of their living habitat and the only way to overcome the hurdles they face during their day to day life for survival.

In the first image, a few ants were seen to have found a dead bug and were carrying it to their colony. Three ants were carrying it and some extra two or three ants were just accompanying them. Eventually, the extra ants left in search of food and the three ants marched forward crossing one obstacle after another. At one point, they had to cross a junction of three leaves and it was impossible to carry the bug carcass out of those three leaves, because if they tried to do so they would have eventually lost their food. So, one of them came down the line and called for help. Suddenly from nowhere, many ants came to the rescue and again they marched forward.

Few ants pushed the bug from the lower portion of the leaf while some ants, present in the upper part, positioned themselves and got hold of the bug. Thus slowly they climbed to the top to their colony with their prize.

I was amazed to observe this incredible maneuvering and team play. That day I understood the potential that comes into play when the whole team is working towards a single goal. These weaver ants gave us a life-lesson and showed us how they stay alive due to this potential.

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Debanjan is a first year engineering student. He mostly spends his free time in jungles, exploring the amazing aspects of wildlife. He feels that wildlife teaches him lessons of life as well as inspires him to be a better human being.


  • Aparna Samanta

    September 7, 2019

    Dabanjon go ahead .so proud of you

  • Ayanti mayra

    October 11, 2019

    Keep growing like this…… Loves you a lot ❤️…. I’m really amazed by each and every detailing of your work… It shows how hard working you are….and at the end of the day you inspire me a lot😊😊😊😊

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