Wildlife and our actions

With the World Environment Day behind us, do we stop thinking about our actions and its effects on the environment? Just a day of planting trees is not enough; we need to make a radical change in our lifestyle to stop the domino effect of destruction that the human race has embarked on.

Wildlife is an amazingly complex, self-sustaining ecosystem. But do we realize how our everyday actions are harming things?

I found this little Bonnet Macaque (Macacaradiata) heading his way back up the tree after feasting on a jackfruit. The Bonnet macaque, sometimes known as zati, is endemic to southern India. They are dusky brown to golden yellow in color and have black ears and lower lips. When I noticed this particular macaque on his way up the tree, he stopped and turned around to pick up a piece of plastic that he just noticed. Of course, monkeys are smart and curious just like us humans. But we humans, being the smartest creatures, have invented things like plastic and used and abused it without stopping to think and comprehend the impact of our actions.

Now the decisions of our past have multiplied and are staring us in the face. True, we read about the urgent need for environmental conservation every day and this is nothing new, but there is something jarring watching the ill-effect of our heedless actions having a domino effect and harm happen to the animals with whom I have shared a backyard since I was a child. And the worst part is, I have no way of warning these childhood friends of mine of what is to befall it in the near future.


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Pratik currently lives in Pune but his heart lives in his hometown of Goa and has a fascination for toys and collectibles. He has been shooting images with whatever he can lay his hands on since childhood. After studying Animation Design in Pune, he lived in Japan which got him perfecting the technical aspect of capturing photographs.


  • Mangesh Gunjal

    June 16, 2019

    I truly concur with your sentiments and at same time feel guilty of being a part of the race with whom, unknowingly or knowingly, has played a negative part of using plastic till date.

    I’ll imbibe the habit of discontinuing with one time use of plastic and try to inculcate the same with people around me! 😊

  • Harsh

    June 16, 2019

    Nicely click..

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