Sneak Peek
SAEVUS June 2021 - August 2021 Magazine Issue - Coming soon

Cover story: Reflecting on the Anthropause, our cover story for this issue explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated restrictions on National Parks and their resident wildlife in India.

Excerpt : "Birds of Coimbatore" by P. Balaji and Prakash: A pictorial journey into the myriad birds of Coimbatore district, with a coverage of over 400 species - both resident and migratory.

 : Dehing Patkai is often referred to as "The Amazon of the East" because of its spectacular avian diversity and dense vegetation. Our contributor gives us a fascinating insight into his birding experiences in the Land of the Spirit Ducks.

 : Tiger conservation has arguably India's biggest conservation and priority and success in the preceding decades, and this piece gives us an insightful account of its successes and failures, and a future roadmap to ensure the tiger's survival.

Travel Home
 : Heritage in the Hills takes us into the mystical land of Unakoti in Tripura and its enormous bas-relief carvings, which have been the subject of many a myth and legend for centuries.

Johnsingh Diaries : 
Dr Johnsingh reminisces about his 2019 trip to Ranthambore, the crown jewel on India's tiger tourism map. 

 : The pandemic may have brought many things to a standstill, but it did not lull our contributor's zeal for tracing her ancestors' routes - all the way to Belize! 


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