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It’s time for netizens and lawmakers to come together to curb illegal trading of animals and wildlife article on the web.   With urban India revelling in the glory of economic liberalisation and the inevitable surge in consumerism that follows, the availability

Happier of happy though I be, like them I cannot take possession of the sky, Mount with a thoughtless impulse and wheel there One of a mighty multitude, whose way And motion is a harmony and dance Magnificent… ~William Wordsworth   Nothing describes the wonder of flight better

Once the ‘wettest place’ on earth because of the copious amounts of rainfall it received, the beautiful town of Cherrapunji in Meghalaya now struggles with unexpectedly acute water shortage for several months of the year. With a deafening roar, lightning pierced

Climate change is forcing nomad communities of Ladakh valleys to settle down and accept a new way of living – an interesting observation by Joydip Mitra. Their valley was never green, and the greenery in their valley was never improbable.

Come winter, India’s bird sanctuaries become birdwatchers’ paradise. Sanjay Kumar, IAS, takes us on a migratory birds’ exploration to a sanctuary, off lower Ganga canal. The Lakh-Bahosi Bird Sanctuary is formed by two disjoint ox-bow lakes near the village of Bahosi

Come winter and the sultry maximum city Mumbai city takes on a pleasant hue of pink, not only owing to the warm winter hues that soak the sky, but also thanks to the arrival of pleasant pink beings- the flamingos.

Mother Nature has her own ways of providing food to each species present on earth. Indranil Bannerjee shares one such unique mechanism of survival in the insect world. Eucharitid Wasps are probably the most fashionable parasitic wasp in the insect world

India’s marine life loses a large number of sea turtles and their eggs every year on the coast of Odisha and West Bengal. Kaushik Mukhopadhyay urges the conservationists to implements policies and processes to protect them. Over the last couple of

  Managing the conflict between humans and wild elephants in Assam’s tea gardens is a mammoth challenge for the estates. Saevus shares an interesting account of efforts and measures taken to safeguard the plantation and its people from herds of wild