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A small nondescript village in the hearts of Ganjam district of Odisha is home to numerous herds of Blackbuck, and their protectors, the lion-hearted native villagers of Bhetnoi. “Chaliye Sir, ab woh mast mood me milenge,” (Come along Sir, we’ll get

Musings by the author on the importance of conservation in our modern life, the evils of technological advances without checking the effects it has on nature. “Conservation” is a powerful word in today’s context. We hear this word in our daily

A commentary on the duality of human nature – when men go to the jungles to see animals in their natural habitat, and yet, they destroy said habitat as well as endanger the lives of the animals with their rash

Spotting the spotted feline can be a breeze if you visit Bera, Rajasthan. The small village and it’s surrounding forests and hillocks of the Aravallis are a haven to uncountable leopards. A tiny village in Rajasthan, Bera is surrounded by forests

From having zero tigers in 2009, Panna Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh is now roaring with the success of its big cat reintroduction experiment. Aided by the commitment of the forest staff, this initiative not only caught international attention but

Remember the march of the elephants across jungles in JungleBook? In reality, Asian elephants are now frequently seen crossing highways and railroads, thus posing a grave threat to an already shrunken population. The roads of humans: We can barely imagine a country

Global fish-stock is fast depleting due to rampant overfishing, so much so, that we may be one of the last generations to catch our food from the oceans unless strident guidelines and measures are put in place. There are a history

Human-wildlife conflict can carry many different facets, each of equal importance, and which, if not handled properly, can lead to major negative repercussions. Prachi Mehta of WRCS India, tells us about their ongoing struggle to sustain co-habitation of both. It’s Complicated “When

One of the most biologically diverse ecosystems across the world, wetlands are home to an astonishing range of plant and animal life. We focus on the remarkable characteristics of our wetlands and their ecological importance, with particular reference to Bharatpur. Wetlands

In the vast wilderness of the Gobi desert, a team of intrepid explorers and scientists worked against odds, setting up camera traps to monitor the enigmatic Snow leopard in one of its most challenging habitats. Among other things, their account