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Global fish-stock is fast depleting due to rampant overfishing, so much so, that we may be one of the last generations to catch our food from the oceans unless strident guidelines and measures are put in place. There are a history

Human-wildlife conflict can carry many different facets, each of equal importance, and which, if not handled properly, can lead to major negative repercussions. Prachi Mehta of WRCS India, tells us about their ongoing struggle to sustain co-habitation of both. It’s Complicated “When

One of the most biologically diverse ecosystems across the world, wetlands are home to an astonishing range of plant and animal life. We focus on the remarkable characteristics of our wetlands and their ecological importance, with particular reference to Bharatpur. Wetlands

In the vast wilderness of the Gobi desert, a team of intrepid explorers and scientists worked against odds, setting up camera traps to monitor the enigmatic Snow leopard in one of its most challenging habitats. Among other things, their account

As Aldo Leopold once said, “Our ability to perceive quality in nature begins, as in art, with the pretty.” Ganesh H Shankar explains the importance of effectively using the medium of art in conservation. We have seen images of tigers cut into

Ravine landscapes are generally associated with fear. Infamous for being home to dacoits like Phoolan Devi, Pan Singh Tomar and Mohar Singh in the past, this ‘lost world’ is also home of wolves, jackals, hyenas, jungle cats, desert foxes, gharials

Not too long ago, all the major river systems in the Indian subcontinent were occupied by a unique crocodilian suited specially for life in smooth, flowing rivers and preying on fish. Once distributed across Pakistan, India, Nepal, West Bengal and

There is much hubbub about plastics and pollution. Environmentalists, activists and various agencies have been talking about the blue planet becoming toxified irrevocably, due to this potent poison created by none other than the man himself. In fact, it is

Palaearctic mammals in the higher ranges of Himachal Pradesh, whose plight is a precarious one, need our serious attention and action. Overgrazing and the widespread presence of non-native predators, continue to be persistent threats against their survival. As the SUV rolled

How a photography trip ended as a lesson on what to avoid in farming I once happened to visit Dighal wetlands, Haryana for Bird Photography. After spending the entire day on-field, it was late when I started to return. Darkness was