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71% of the Earth’s surface 97% of the Earth’s water 99% of the living space on the planet Home to one of the first life forms on the Blue Planet And yet today this blue treasure stands at the brink of perishing, Thanks to the

The recent deluge in Mumbai evoked different reactions from Mumbaikars as well as other parts of India- fear, caution, and disdain over the apathetic state of infrastructure and so on. But overriding all these emotions was a bitter nostalgia of

A  for APF  (Asian Paradise Flycatcher)B  for BarbetsC  for CuckooD for DrongoI know you are aware of the English alphabet, but may not be aware of a place near Bangalore which has so much variety of birds that their names

Conservation is as much about the ground-level actions taken, as it is about umbrella policy and processes. Here, we engage in conversations with the Warriors for Wildlife, those who have imbibed love for wildlife and conservation as a way of

Van Mahotsav Week was first started in India in 1950 by K.M. Munshi, the then Union Agriculture and Food minister. The festival was conceptualized to celebrate and connect with all the green lives out there. The days aim towards spreading

An account of a day trip to Pulicat Lake to see the migration mania of Lesser Flamingos It has now become our weekly routine to be up and ready and gearing to go for weekend birding. This day was no exception

The Beautiful Nuthatch—one of the largest nuthatches—is also one of the most attractive birds in the world. Described by well-known British zoologist Edward Blyth, in 1843, from a specimen collected from Darjeeling, the Beautiful Nuthatch is sporadically distributed in Northeast