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What makes a photograph visually remarkable? In this article, we examine the concepts of ‘composition’ and ‘perspective’ that will help you get a step closer to taking professional images. Framing and composition are vital tools that take your photography to a

Here is a recap of the best of the best from the year gone by. 2018 has been a wonderful journey for us, and we invite you to glance again with fondness for the news, views and pictographic memories of

A quick guide to capture images of a waterfall, a closer look to understand the specifics of capturing these universally loved natural phenomena with their dynamic textures and lush backgrounds, as well as decoding the challenge of capturing the magnetism

Sharp, clear pictures are usually one of the first few requirements of a good photography. Read on to learn about Auto Focus – a handy tool in your cameras that helps you highlight your subject in the best way possible. Autofocus

Our next installment of photography lessons. Now that we’re getting into the finer details of digital photography, here are two new lessons to learn and try out! We talked about exposure control in our last issue, and the three vital tools

Widely regarded as one of the best bird photographers in the world, UK-based David Tipling’s exceptional images have raised the worldwide standards of avian photography, taking the popular genre into the realms of fine art. Q - Welcome to Saevus, David.

To make a photograph an unforgettable one, just the right amount of light is required. In this chapter of our tutorial, we introduce the concept of ‘exposure’ and its role in photography. We have been discussing about the equipment – the

India is full of photogenic places. The varied landscapes provide an opportunity for avid photographers to click some breathtaking shots. But there are few places which, not just take your breath away, but your soul as well. And while these

Find out about the different kinds of lenses used in a camera so that you can create your own masterpieces someday. You have read about lenses in your school curriculum. These are optical elements which can transmit and refract light, either

Art Wolfe’s photographs of animal camouflage and human canvases are famous around the world. In this interaction, he shares with us how he manages to see in nature what the rest of us can only hope to. Art Wolfe An American photographer