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 Leopards in the Mara, the reigning tigress in Bandhavgarh, a fantail in Singapore or a deer or cormorant in Bharatpur. Pinaki Ray presents us a whimsy of wonderful images in his photo story. Choti tara - the beautiful tigress of Bandhavgarh mukki

In the Photo story that unfolds our reader Niladri Sarkar, an avid nature lover, shares his experience of such an encounter with the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger in the creeks of Sunderbans. The sight of the tawny Royal Bengal Tiger amongst

 Lao Tzu has said that “Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished”. All we need to do is to look and observe, and act upon the lesson learnt from wildlife that is openly flaunted , accessible and waiting for

Armed with an artist's intuition and a photographer's technical finesse, Baiju Patil's photo journeys are resplendent with colors and moods that are inspired by nature itself. Bee hovering on a flower Location: Kaas Plateau Camera details: NIKON D700 S/N: 2137132 Lens: 105.0 mm f/2.8

The Indian nightjar (Caprimulgusasiaticus) is a small crepuscular bird with a distinctive call. Most usually found in open woodland, scrub, and cultivation and sometimes roads, it usually sits on the ground or low trees and is not found on high perches. Birdlife is

Yuwaraj Gurjar takes photography to the usually ignored lesser fauna to show us the micro in the macro. A butterfly covered in dew drops Location: Yeoor, Sanjay Gandhi National Park Camera details: Nikon D70s, Tamron 180macro, 1/60, f14, ISO 200 Butterflies are cold-blooded insects,

Tete-e-tete with the famous John Shaw, a master nature photographer known for his precise compositions and soulful imagery. A true artist and master technician, John Shaw has been a professional nature photographer for over 30 years. Known for his superb compositions,

On the occasion of World Photography Day, we bring to you the unexpected pleasures of photographing the wild! Under the shade !! Location:-  Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh , India. Equipment used :- Camera Used: EOS 7D Mark II, Lens detail: Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS

There is a lot of debate on the question of reinforcing tiger conservation in the country. The following narrative and images proves a telling point by showing how indirectly the habitat conservation of tigers leads to the conservation of many

The art of tracking your prey, lulling them to a placid state by enacting a false sense of solidarity, and then finally springing the trap – all are the traits of a master assassin, as seen with  a jumping spider