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Fawn Station

The Creature Feature aims to introduce you to an inhabitant of the Indian Ocean every month. Many of these creatures live not far offshore from some of our favorite beach side destinations. Let’s find out a little more about them. The word

A recent scientific study on the Tape seagrass (Enhalus acoroides), which has the longest leaves found in Indian waters and is a major carbon sink in the oceans has been published in the Journal of Threatened Taxa.  A population decline has

What is common to a water weed and a thorny shrub found in India, a rodent mammal found in Australia and a New World perching bird, asks Maitreya Sukumar, one of our youngest Guest Editors. Aliens or Invasive species Let me give

Come and serenade the season of monsoon with Katie Bagli, and our eternal love-affair with the season which brings with it the fruitfulness of spring and summers, and the fulfilment of autumn. Each year most of us look forward to the

Spiders are so needed, and yet so misunderstood. They have, in fact, coined a term to describe the fear of spiders! Arachnophobia! And yet, one can but marvel at the amazing shapes, geometric precision and quality of their spun webs. We

Most animals depend directly or indirectly on leaves that serve as continuous suppliers of life-supporting oxygen, and also as kitchens where food is prepared for the plant. But these amazing kitchens also double up as homes for a host of