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  From the editor’s desk: On the occasion of Internation Women’s Day, Sree Nandy – our CEO and Editor-in-chief, powerhouse, entrepreneur, and educator extraordinaire gives us a glimpse into her personal journey so far. We at SAEVUS wish all our readers

The theme for this year's World Wildlife Day is 'Forests and Livelihood: Sustaining People and Planet'. In this special feature, Dr. Naveen Pandey gives an insightful account of forest conservation measures in Asia - their successes, lessons to be learned and

The Ramsar Convention’s broad definition of wetlands can be used to describe some 27000 odd waterbodies in India; although the country has been oddly neglectful of these which have, directly or indirectly, been the source of life and livelihood of

Ever heard of whale sharks begging for food and playing like adorable puppies? Here is a small anecdote from Cenderawasih Bay in Papua, Indonesia involving playful whale shark and human interaction. Can a 15-meter whale shark ask for food from a

This World Elephant Day, raise your voices to ban the practice of wildlife trade, taking responsibility to put an end to the exploitation of wild animals forever. “The days were serene and always enjoyable. I was surrounded by my parents and

Celebrating International Tiger Day with some hard-hitting facts, as the author points out the inherent hypocrisy involved in tiger shows and entertainment centres in Thailand perpetuating untold cruelty upon tigers, all for the entertainment of man. In 2016, 147 tigers were

It’s time to pause and ponder over our actions and inactions, says conservationists. On World Environment Day, Saevus brings to heartfelt messages by different voices urging everyone to be kind to nature and wildlife.   Sree Nandy CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Saevus   "This World

On World Ranger Day, we pay homage to those protecting the living earth from the very frontlines. Anthropocene, an era of the man, for the man, by man. An epoch in which, human, the self-proclaimed ruler of the world has wrecked

Mother’s Day aka May 14th and you see all marketing gimmicks crooning about the virtues of a mother’s love – selfless, unconditional and an epitome of giving. And they make you feel incomplete if you don’t smother dear mommy with