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Small Wonders

It takes a keen eye to appreciate the small wonders of the world. Aditya Maru and his macro lens take us on a reflective, poetic journey to the Little Rann of Kutch and its magical microfauna.   “What draws us into the

Revisiting the butterflies of Matheran after 125 years Scientists from the Bombay Natural History Society and Somaiya Vidya Vihar University have published a research paper on the forgotten butterflies of Matheran in the community peer-reviewed ‘Biodiversity Data Journal’. The research paper titled 'Finding the forgotten

As per Chaos Theory, the flapping of a butterfly’s wings somewhere on earth can have long-time repercussions across the globe. Simply put, to have a sustainable self-sufficient ecosystem, all beings and species need to equally survive and flourish. The coronavirus

Common insects with unique capabilities, ants as we know them now evolved from vespoid wasp ancestors in the Cretaceous period. They live in highly organized colonies and are found almost everywhere on earth. Forward march! One, two, one, two

In this section, saevus brings to you short stories of life from the undergrowth. These critters often escape our attention but they can be of immense importance in the natural world. The macro-forests, be it in a rainforest or our urban

This Creature Feature aims to introduce you to an inhabitant of the Indian Ocean. Many of these creatures live not far offshore from some of ourfavourite beachside destinations. Let’s find out a little more about them. May 2015 found me underwater

Duck, duck, goose! Read about bird watching, especially the duck or rather- the anatids, and various other trivia in the first of a double article by Sumit Sen with illustrations by the talented Rohan Chakravarty. Anatids Anatids are distributed worldwide, except for

A high-altitude dweller of the Himalayan and Central Asian ranges, the shy, endearing and endangered Mountain weasel makes a special appearance before our photographer in Sikkim. As part of the team from Sikkim Ornithological Society, we were on a mission to

Famed for its efforts in conservation of endangered Olive Ridley turtles at Velas beach, Ratnagiri – near an eco-friendly as well as eco-conscious village, The Velas Turtle Festival is an annual ecotourism festival. Velas Turtle Festival is a famous ecotourism festival

The Indian nightjar (Caprimulgusasiaticus) is a small crepuscular bird with a distinctive call. Most usually found in open woodland, scrub, and cultivation and sometimes roads, it usually sits on the ground or low trees and is not found on high perches. Birdlife is