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Small Wonders

The Indian nightjar (Caprimulgusasiaticus) is a small crepuscular bird with a distinctive call. Most usually found in open woodland, scrub, and cultivation and sometimes roads, it usually sits on the ground or low trees and is not found on high perches. Birdlife is

Yuwaraj Gurjar takes photography to the usually ignored lesser fauna to show us the micro in the macro. A butterfly covered in dew drops Location: Yeoor, Sanjay Gandhi National Park Camera details: Nikon D70s, Tamron 180macro, 1/60, f14, ISO 200 Butterflies are cold-blooded insects,

A feast for opportunistic predators, this unique swarming phenomenon that termites display is an incredible moment to capture in nature’s landscape. The turn of a new season is a bit like the changing of the guard. There’s massive anticipation, impatience, hope,

Weaver ants (Oecophylla smaragdina) are a species of arboreal ants famed for their unique nest building behavior. These eusocial insects of the family Formicide (order Hymenoptera) are found in tropical Asia and Australia. Worker ants of this species construct nests using

Come monsoon and the barren Kaas blossoms into a floral carpet that makes you fall in love with it

The Phamatodea order of insects are an amazing study of clever camouflage and evolution. Something moved beside me and I thought it was a grass / twig. Closer inspection revealed this beauty to me. It is an Indian Stick Mantis.

Belonging to the largest parasitoid superfamily Ichneumonoidea, the Ichneumon wasp feeds upon and kills their hosts to survive. The Ichneumonidae are parasitoid wasp family within the order Hymenoptera. In general, parasitoids kill their hosts of Coleoptera (beetles), Hymenoptera (wasps) and Lepidoptera

Molting, or the process of shedding old and degenerated skin for a new one in insects and animals, is a way of regeneration. All insects have segmented bodies made up of many small sections. Insects have three major body divisions,

 Mud-puddling is a conspicuous behavior amongst Lepidoptera and other creatures, mainly insects, where they seek out nutrients needed for survival from moist things such as mud, rotting leaf cover or carrion. Follow the account of a surprise sighting of a

Whenever we hear the term ‘Robber Fly’, the first thing that come to our mind’s eye is a femme fatale or a vampiric version of the insectivora family, who sucks out the life-force of other insects, and sometimes from their