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In this section, Saevus brings to you short stories of life from the undergrowth. These organisms often escape our attention but they can be of immense importance in the natural world. When one thinks of carnivorous plants, the elegant vase of

In the last 10 years, 15 new species of snakes and geckos have been described from India, highlighting the fact that our reptilian diversity is poorly studied and deserves all the attention it can get. In this issue, we present

Continuing our coverage of State Trees and Flowers across the country, we bring you the flagship flora of Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is situated on the country’s southeastern coast. The two main river systems – Krishna and Godavari, as well as

Poaching and trade of golden jackals may be widespread in India, yet receives little conservation attention, states a study co-authored by scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society - India, Arjun Srivathsa and Sushma Sharma. India’s efforts in countering wildlife crimes has

The picturesque country of New Zealand, known for its abundant natural beauty and being a paradise for birders,is home to a number of exotic endangered species. One of them is the adorable-looking fur seal or Kekeno. In this story the

Observation is a key when on the field in the wild, and our authors bring to us the interesting story they have witnessed on the evolution of the smaller size of the Jungle cat in Southeast Asia due to the

One of the largest and most ecologically significant groups of organisms, diatoms are exquisite micro fossils found abundantly across the earth, and blessed with innumerable distinct characteristics, some of which scientists are still trying to unravel. If you find yourself in

With the onset of monsoons, the barren laterite plateaus of the Konkan undergo a complete metamorphosis displaying a huge diversity of flora and fauna. Varad Giri explores. It was summer in 2001 and we were searching for reptiles on one of

Come monsoon and the barren Kaas blossoms into a floral carpet that makes you fall in love with it