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The Animal Kingdom

Leucistic and albino creatures are often mistaken for the other. While a complete lack of color genes results in albinism, leucism is caused by partial loss of pigmentation.   Image credit: RACHIT PAREKH   Albinism v/s Leucism   Image credit: DP SHRIVASTAVA   ‘Albino’ is a term generally

Zara, the handicapped elephant arrives at the Elephant Hospital In Mathura, established by Wildlife SOS with support from U.P. Forest Department. At a very young age, Zara was subjected to a lifetime of abuse and neglect as a begging elephant. Though

Tigers are known for their fortitude and power, elephants for their intelligence. Although stories have been told and heard of the two animals having overpowered each other occasionally, they rarely cross paths. The author shares his account of a rare

The Creature Feature aims to introduce you to an inhabitant of the Indian Ocean. Many of these creatures live not far offshore from some of our favourite beachside destinations. Our focus in this article is on the cephalopods. Let’s find out a

In this section, saevus brings to you short stories of life from the undergrowth. These critters often escape our attention but they can be of immense importance in the natural world. The macro-forests, be it in a rainforest or our urban

The Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, part of the northern Western Ghats, is a forest situated near Mumbai, on the highway leading to Ahmedabad. Measuring 85.7 sq. km., the forest was declared a protected area in 2003 with the sole objective of

Mammals may not talk like us, but they do communicate with other animals – belonging to same species and others as well – through some ingenious techniques. In fact, they communicate so often, that if we converted these messages into

 Avid nature lover, conservationist and award-winning lens man Niranjan Sant responds to the call of the wild with evocative portrayals of the natural world. In this issue, he shares some of his most memorable frames with our readers. Born and brought

The picturesque country of New Zealand, known for its abundant natural beauty and being a paradise for birders,is home to a number of exotic endangered species. One of them is the adorable-looking fur seal or Kekeno. In this story the

 Leopards in the Mara, the reigning tigress in Bandhavgarh, a fantail in Singapore or a deer or cormorant in Bharatpur. Pinaki Ray presents us a whimsy of wonderful images in his photo story. Choti tara - the beautiful tigress of Bandhavgarh mukki