A letter for change


In the last seven years of working closely with schoolchildren, we have been amazed by their understanding of things, ability to reason and clarity of vision. We have felt that if they are given a right impetus to connect with the changemakers, be it the government officials, world leaders or celebrities, their voices can change the way things are working around us. So this year, during the summer holidays, we urge the young generation to directly write to a personality of their choice( not fictional, someone alive), urging him/her to bring about the change they seek. The subject of the letter should be any environmental issue at a local or global level that concerns the child directly or indirectly. While all letters will be directly mailed/ couriered to the addressees by the children directly, a copy must be marked to Saevus at, Saevus will award the best five letters with handsome prizes and also publish them in the magazine
Rules and regulations for the contest:
  • This contest will be open till 7th June  2019.
  • It will be open for students of Classes 5th to 10th.
  • Each student can send only one letter to one world leader.
  • Every letter has to start with…I am,  (NAME OF STUDENT), writing this letter to you as part of the campaign, A LETTER FOR CHANGE, launched by SAEVUS magazine( where schoolchildren directly communicate on environmental issues to world leaders. 
  • The letter has to be written by the student without adult intervention.
  • The letter body should not exceed 1000 words.
  • Letters may be typed or handwritten. For handwritten letters, only blue or black pens to be used. Letters written in pencils will not be accepted.
  • The letter has to be written in English only. No images and drawings are permitted in the letter.
  • The letter has to be emailed or couriered to the world leader directly and the copy has to be sent to Saevus. 
  • The top right hand corner of the letter should have the FROM AND TO information. In the FROM column, the full name of the child, his school, class, section and contact details should be mentioned . In TO column, the name, designation and complete address of the world leader should be mentioned.
  • It must be understood that this is an initiative aimed at motivating children to feel connected with their environmental problems and speak up about it. SAEVUS cannot be held responsible for any repercussion arising owing to the content of the letter.
  • Letters using offensive language, those which are politically motivated or hurt religious sentiments will be strictly debarred from participation. The originator of the letter will have to bear any consequences arising therein.