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Wild Encounters

A foray into the Bandipur Tiger Reserve yields unforeseen sightings – the big striped cat, as well as the elusive Chousingha. It was a cold morning, and the forest was shrouded in silence in the early morning hours. I was accompanied

Every 12 years, the Nilgiris live up to their true name as clusters of the rare, endangered Kurinjis bloom across the verdant hillsides, transforming the landscape through their delicate but bountiful hues of blue and purple. Imagine a flowering so profuse

Possessing an unusual mixture of small and big cat characteristics, the elusive Marbled cat is a sight for sore eyes, especially when it catches the beholder unawares in the lush forests of Eaglenest Sanctuary. On January 2, 2014, I was leading

Spotting the spotted feline can be a breeze if you visit Bera, Rajasthan. The small village and it’s surrounding forests and hillocks of the Aravallis are a haven to uncountable leopards. A tiny village in Rajasthan, Bera is surrounded by forests

Endemic to the dry and arid plains of central-western India, the Indian Smooth Snake makes a rare photo appearance in our pages. On the evening of February 12, 2014, I got a rescue call for a snake. I am the member

Being the reigning tigress of one of India’s finest big cat habitats is no easy feat. But T19, daughter of the legendary tigress Machli, seems to have lived up to her destiny. I have been around the lakes of Ranthambhore numerous

Often termed as the Holy Grail of wildlife sightings, glimpsing upon a Snow leopard in its rugged home terrain can often be the encounter of a lifetime. We present a firsthand account from Leh. Ever since I’ve been posted in Leh

A chance encounter with a cunning creature makes the author ponder about the rapidly declining population of the Golden jackal in rural India. Date -  9th of September, 2015. We visited the famed railway yard of our village Halisahar ( District

  Managing the conflict between humans and wild elephants in Assam’s tea gardens is a mammoth challenge for the estates. Saevus shares an interesting account of efforts and measures taken to safeguard the plantation and its people from herds of wild

There is an unspoken bond between a lensman and his subjects in the wildlife. Wildlife Photographer Alijah Mohammad shares his pain on the shocking death of a tigress and disappearance of her cubs. It was in late April, when Jr. Kankati,