It’s time to pause and ponder over our actions and inactions, says conservationists. On World Environment Day, Saevus brings to heartfelt messages by different voices urging everyone to be kind to nature and wildlife.   Sree Nandy

It is an unreal and seemingly temporary respite for the chained gentle giants, who form a major tourism attraction in India. Yet, while they get some relief from their daily unnatural drudgery, their fate is

News of wildlife sightings continue due to the lack of human presence as a result of the lockdown during pandemic. An interesting take on the experiences of frontline forest staff and the denizens of the

Misunderstood, vilified, and viewed as dangerous and destructive, the striped hyena (Hyaena hyaena) is a “near threatened” species a per the IUCN Redlist with a steadily dwindling population.   The Hyena is a ‘near threatened’ species and

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The Western Ghats is an ancient mountain range that runs along the west coast of India from

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