News on the Hubballi Ankola Railway Line Project (HARP)

The Western Ghats are among the most important biodiversity hotspots in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The controversial Hubballi-Ankola Railway Line Project (HARP) will destroy some of the last remaining primary forests of the Western Ghats in Uttara Kannada and result in massive, irreversible ecological destruction. This region has already lost 3300 sq km of pristine forests and stands to lose more if HARP becomes a reality. No amount of mitigation will compensate for the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services. Although rejected many times in the past by various statutory authorities, the Karnataka government cleared this disastrous project in March 2020 through its State Board for Wildlife (SBWL), despite opposition from several of its members. Now, approval is pending before the National Board for Wildlife (NBWL). Please join the petition requesting the NBWL to reject the project permanently.

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