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Contribute to Magazine (Wildlife | Travel | Conservation | Photography)


We welcome your contribution of images and stories for the magazine and blog at

Guidelines for Submission:

Category I –Assignments/Field trips 

Wildlife Photographers/ Natural History specialists/Researchers can submit an original story for an assignment undertaken by them. The submission has to include a profile write-up, 15-20 images and a story within 1200 words. Original assignments will be considered for the Cover story of  the magazine. 

Category II – Articles

We are also looking for content on:
a) Natural history
b) Conservation
c) Endangered Species
d) Wildlife Destinations 

  1. e) People and communities
  2. f)  Original research 

The submission has to include text and associated images, if available.

Category III – Images

Images selected from contributing photographers may be used for various articles in the magazine. Only low-res images to be submitted initially. 

Category IV – Readers’ Shots 

Entries can be submitted by upcoming Photo-enthusiasts for a constructive critique through the eyes of India’s best wildlife photographers. The submission has to include 3 low res images. 

General Terms and Conditions:

  • While submitting the entries, please mention the Category name.
  • These are broad categories. Contributions outside these categories based on new ideas are welcome. Such submissions should be labelled “Others”.
  • Please explicitly mention if you have submitted or intend to submit another article on this subject to any other publication, in print or digital.
  • We may not be able to acknowledge individually all the contributions. If your articles/photos/contributions are selected, we will contact you.
  • Submission for the magazine will be deemed as your acceptance of usage of the article/image for our blogs and digital media.

Send your articles/ Photos at /