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As reported by Hindustan Times: More than 550 exotic birds were rescued from illegal pet trade market in central Kolkata, in a number of consecutive raids, early this week. The raids were jointly organised and conducted by the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau

Express train to Taj Mahal promotes elephant protection with Wildlife SOS by supporting the refuse to ride campaign on fast track. For tourists travelling to India, an up-close interaction with an elephant tops their bucket-list of must-have experiences. More often than

It was reported earlier this month that a Bengal tiger was spotted in the state of Gujarat after a gap of 27 years. The feline, spotted near Gir National Park and Sanctuary by a teacher, led to camera traps being

The two neighbouring nations of India and Nepal have agreed to sign an agreement for cooperation on conservation of biodiversity. This agreement includes transboundary landscape management, as well as an agreement to focus on conservation of species like elephant, rhino

A recent study conducted by the Cornell University based Jocelyn I Lee and Steven A Wolf on the Forest Rights Act has revealed the implementation of the Act (FRA) to be less than satisfactory. The Forest Rights Act (FRA), enacted by the Government