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It was reported earlier this month that a Bengal tiger was spotted in the state of Gujarat after a gap of 27 years. The feline, spotted near Gir National Park and Sanctuary by a teacher, led to camera traps being

The two neighbouring nations of India and Nepal have agreed to sign an agreement for cooperation on conservation of biodiversity. This agreement includes transboundary landscape management, as well as an agreement to focus on conservation of species like elephant, rhino

A recent study conducted by the Cornell University based Jocelyn I Lee and Steven A Wolf on the Forest Rights Act has revealed the implementation of the Act (FRA) to be less than satisfactory. The Forest Rights Act (FRA), enacted by the Government

As the hue and cry regarding the "shoot at sight" order for Avni, the tiger, refuses to mellow down, we bring you a short background of the issue. Avni, or T1, is a 6-year-old tigress living in Pandharkawada forest, Nagpur.

The recent extreme downpour-caused destruction in the Kodagu district of Karnataka has raised many red flags among researchers. The area is the starting point of the river Kaveri and is home to India's coffee production. A multi-country research team of

Researchers from IIT Delhi, along with their counterparts from San Jose State University, USA, have developed a new anti-venom which is being regarded as the miracle drug in the cure of snakebites. The current record of snakebite mortality is 90

A large number of elephants have fallen prey to the greed of poachers in Botswana. Elephants without Borders, while carrying out extensive surveys, found that 87 elephants have been killed by poachers for their tusks in the last few weeks,