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Balconies can be portals to many magical worlds. Shweta Mukundan discovers one such world in her neighbouring Laburnum tree, which consistently treats her senses via its incredible bird life. Balconies are great vantage points to witness what goes in the world outside.

A delightful member of the bulbul family of passerines, the Red-vented bulbul (Pycnonotus cafer) are highly vocal with a sweet melodic voice. The red colour of their name is difficult to see hidden beneath their tale. They are classified as “Least Concern”

The 7-year-old Kanan Bishnoi shows her appreciation of the beautiful Munia with a heartfelt poem.   When I wake up in the morning, Many birds are calling, The Munia is picking up the grass, For her babies she forecasts, All the grass she can amass, She makes

The signals sent in the natural world may seem strange to us, but are actually very clever means of communication. "I just couldn’t get through to you, the signal was too weak.” This remark is oft heard today when our cell

Mesmerising eyes and a sharp call, meet the beautiful yet petite hunter in the raptors family -  the shikra (Accipiter badius). After a prolonged period of illness, I take this opportunity to write about another beautiful bird spotted in Nhava Sheva

An early morning trip to Hoskote lake led to attending an impromptu concert put on by a Red Munia. This incident occurred one early morning in November 2019. My usual habit of visiting the lakes around Bangalore led me that early

It often takes the smallest of actions to spark a world of change. Thanks to grass-root targeted conservation strategies, the forests of Dandeli are resounding with the cries of hornbills once again. In June 2006, I arrived at Dandeli as Deputy

Meet the busiest bird in the North-eastern Himalayan region – the Yellow-billed Blue Magpie (Urocissa flavirostris), often referred to as Megma by the locals. A passerine bird of the Corvidae family, this gregarious bird loves to forage noisily in groups

In the month of April 2015, we had thrown open our doors to the Editor’s office for our new guest editor, who shared his personal experiences of the amazing wildlife he encounters.     The Red-headed Vulture or the King Vulture is one

A perennial shrub with vivid fiery orange-red flowers, the hamelia patens is the scene of a fierce battle of dominance for territory between a crimson sunbird (Aethopyga siparaja) and a purple sunbird (Cinnyris asiaticus) out to impress a mate.   After inspecting