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Omnivorous and opportunistic in feeding, the Rufous treepie is a pleasant visitor to our young correspondent, as she recounts her encounter with the bird during her vacation in Ranthambore. My family and I went to Ranthambore National Park in the summer

In the second of the series of birdlife encountered by the author while posted in NhavaSheva, we present to you the Rosy Starling(Pastor roseus). It has been almost a year since I am at NhavaSheva – a most delightful year whereI

The pristine glory lost of Kolleru Lake – erstwhile largest pelicanry of the world, shocks the author when he reaches the site to conduct the Annual Flamingo Count, by BNHS. The Annual Flamingo Count, by the BNHS, is an exercise by

A Bird’s Paradise Amidst Concrete Jungle– welcome to the Valley School area near Bangalore, Karnataka. Arial root patterns of an old Banyan tree (photo credit: Dipankar Saha Chowdhury)                          

A majestic bird of prey belonging to the Accipitridae family, the Crested Serpent Eagle(Spilornis cheela) is a raptor found frequently in Asia. What happens when you interrupt this fierce bird while it attempts to hunt for prey?   It was perhaps one

A beautiful terrestrial bird belonging to the Cuculidae family, the coucal is a large non-parasitic member of the cuckoo order of birds, and has a mind of its own, as discovered by Sylvester Alphonso during his foray into bird photography. It

As reported by Hindustan Times: More than 550 exotic birds were rescued from illegal pet trade market in central Kolkata, in a number of consecutive raids, early this week. The raids were jointly organised and conducted by the Wildlife Crime Control Bureau

A birder’s life is never dull, following the wings and whimsy of the feathered friends leads to interesting experiences and anecdotes to share. The arid and semi-arid habitat of Western India is often referred to as ‘Raptor-land’ of India. It was

Historical ruins, biodiversity and mythology, all come together to make an excursion to the World Heritage site of Hampi and its surrounding forests an experience to cherish for life. When one hears or thinks about Hampi, the picture that generally forms

Anticipation is a wonderful feeling, especially if you have waited for the moment almost all your life. The cherished desire to capture in frame a family of Sarus cranes bears fruit in Keoladeo National Park for our avifauna enthusiast. When I